reachin’ for something gr8r

Painting by Frankd Robinson

Photos by Taro Yamasaki. Painting by frankd robinson.

Some of the art work found in our Memphis house represents the journey the women in our program will take – from lost dreams to looking for something greater to being a person that others envy.

The piece above, called “reachin’ for something gr8er – reachin’ for a better day”  was created by Memphis artist Frankd Robinson using “found objects.” The woman is looking at her heart which is in her hand. This is the work we do in our program: looking deep inside.

Photo by Taro Yamasaki.

Surviving trauma and trafficking

hands8cover500The Lisieux Community provides a home for women who have survived trauma, addiction, trafficking and prostitution, all part of life on the streets. The women learn to live in community as they access other organizations to assist in healing. We believe that the women do not begin a life on the streets on their own, but through the culture in which we live; we want to inspire change now to transform the culture itself.

Photo by Taro Yamasaki.