How can we prevent women from becoming trafficking victims? Through education & legislation.


cropped-rosetrans75.pngLet us speak to your group. Sandra Ferrell, our Executive Director, and our residents are available to speak to your church, civic organization, youth group or school about human trafficking and the dangers our girls face in today’s world.


Ask your state representative to be active in the fight against human trafficking.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation: Human Trafficking Information

Look up & contact your state representative

Mid-South Resources

Contact these local and regional offices for help.

A Step Ahead — 901-320-7837
Alliance Health Services – 901-369-1480
Case Management – 901-821-5600
Christ Community Health Services (Broad) – 901-260-8450
Christ Community Health Services (Mobile) – 901-283-8233
Christ Community Health Services (Rx) – 901-701-2520
Christ Community Health Services (Women) – 901-701-2580
Christ Community Dental Centers – 901-271-6050
Church Health Center – 901-272-0003
Church Health Center Wellness Center – 901-259-4673
Fair Witness Intervention – 901-652-0876
Friends for Life – 901-272-0855
Grace House – 901-722-8460
Health Department – 901-222-9000
HopeWorks – 901-272-3700
Hospitality Hub – 901-522-1808
Kroc Center – 901-729-8007
Life Choices – 901-452-8991
National Sex Trafficking Hotline – 888-373-7888
Rape Crisis Center – 901-222-4350
Restore Corps – 901-300-9302
Serenity Recovery Center – 901-521-1131

Sister Organizations

Thistle Farms


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Walking Prey Holly Austin Smith
Prison Baby: A Memoir Deborah Jiang Stein
Under the White Umbrella Mary Frances Bowley
Half the Sky Nicholas D Kristoff
A Path Appears Nicholas D Kristoff

Learn More

Polaris Project

National Human Trafficking Resource Center

Confronting Modern Slavery in America

Office on Trafficking in Persons | Administration for Children and Families

U.S. State Department – 2015 Trafficking in Persons Report

Trafficking Hotlines

End Slavery TN

Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Vacating Convictions Law

Half the Sky Movement

ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study

CDC – Injury Prevention & Control : Division of Violence Prevention