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Every Friday morning, we send an email report on the events of the week, primarily the goods and services offered on Monday afternoons at the drop-in center and on Thursday evenings during street visitation. To access the current and archived issues of these emails, click on the link below.

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October 5, 2020

We are thrilled to be busy with renovations to the house that we purchased to serve as our drop-in center. With many thanks to all of our donors and supporters, we want to recognize a few key people who are donating their time and expertise to make our center the best it can possibly be, in particular Andy Sharp, Owner of R. A Sharp Construction Company; Chere Labbe Doiron, the artist who created the pieces of art Tattered Dreams and Mary; and Chef Mac Edwards.

Chere was an interior decorator in another life and asked if she could help. There was a half wall between the living room and dining room and she suggested we remove that so there is a better flow. The carpet stank and she pulled up the corner and exposed hardwood. She suggested we remove the carpet. But when we got it out, we saw the hardwood was not in good shape in the center and Andy suggested we put vinyl flooring in. He is asking people for donations.

Chere’s husband, John Day, will take the light fixtures down and clean them and change them from fluorescent to LED. (Chere and John are paying for this upgrade.)

Chere recommended opening up the wall on the right to increase the open space for the women. She chose a soft paint color to be carried through the whole house. We were planning for volunteers to paint the walls and not paint the ceilings, but Andy’s guys mudded all the walls and ceilings and are ready to paint. They are also extending the bathroom to make it ADA compliant, which requires a 5′ space to turn a wheelchair around. So the tub will be replaced by a large shower. He’s looking for a plumber to do that part free.

Chef Mac Edwards has ideas and will work with Andy to come up with a good plan for the kitchen space. Andy said that in order to make changes, it will have to be vented. Since it is in the middle of the house, that will be major. That’s why it will come later. We will install a regular stove after they get it inspected. Andy is also looking for someone to give us washers and dryers.

We’ve been planning for the drop-in center for years, and it’s beautiful to see it come to fruition and to have so much help getting it ready for our women.