Raising Funds for Repairs

We have spoken openly over the last 6-9 months about repairs needed at the drop-in center. We were so thankful last November when we told you that the gas lines needed replaced/repaired in order to put warm showers and heat back in motion. You came through and within a month, we had the center back up and running.

We are there again. The drop-in center has three HVAC units. Two no longer work. The roof that has needed to be replaced for some time needs to be replaced ASAP, or we will just add to the list of repairs each time it rains.

We have had some wonderful companies come forward to help with one HVAC unit, supplies for the roof, and labor. We now need to raise the money to purchase the second HVAC unit, and other various supplies needed to complete all three projects. Two new HVAC units AND a new roof in one month! It’s big and it’s necessary.

If you are able to help make these much-needed repairs happen, please, please contribute. Please also share this need with your own networks. We are so appreciative.

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