Happy Anniversary to the Drop-in Center!

by Whitney Fullerton, Program Director
Originally posted 02-21-22 on the Lisieux Facebook page

One year ago, Lisieux Community opened the doors of the drop-in center to women for the first time. Two women came that day, Grace* and Keisha*. They were two women who we had built relationships with on the streets for the previous year and a half. The second Monday, only Keisha returned. The third Monday that the drop-in center was open, Keisha and Grace came back plus another woman who we already had a relationship with, Leslie*. Those three women are still very much a part of the Lisieux Community. Grace is dealing with some very serious medical issues and cannot make it to the center. We are keeping her close to our hearts. Keisha was able to get into her very own apartment after being unhoused for 20 years. Leslie is in temporary supportive housing while she awaits getting her very own apartment.

A year ago, I wondered if women would come to the drop-in center if they didn’t know us. I knew that eventually some other women we already knew would venture in, but how much of an impact would there really be on the community? I remember a couple of months in when six women came on a Monday. We were so excited! Fast forward to today. 15 women came in for services. These days, we consider that a slow day. The record for a Monday is 23 women. Here’s the coolest part: we only knew four of those women this time last year. Even cooler than all of that or the hugs that happened today in the “I love you’s” that were heard. In just a year, there have been 85 different women who have walked through the doors of the drop-in center and received services. Almost every week we meet someone new.

I cannot write all of this without acknowledging the countless volunteer hours that have gone into the past year. None of this would be possible without the hearts and hands of amazing volunteers. I consider myself pretty lucky to know them. Also, our staff has more than doubled! And those women are a force for sure! And to everyone who has donated items or money, you are wonderful!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for walking with us and alongside the women that we get to serve! It takes a village, and our village is pretty special. I wish there was a way to bottle up what happens at Lisieux Community so I could share it with everyone. The world would no doubt be a better, kinder, more loving place.

Please consider contributing to our GoFundMe fundraiser to celebrate the drop-in center’s first anniversary and to help us to continue the work we do for another year.

If no one has told you they love you today, Lisieux loves you!

* Names changed to protect privacy.

One thought on “Happy Anniversary to the Drop-in Center!

  1. Whitney — This is a beautifully written story about a miraculously evolving space you have been instrumentally vital in creating. You have such a heart of service and I am so thankful God is using you in this way. What a gift you are to all who know you. To know you truly is to love you. I have a trunk of goodies to drop off! So much love, Angela M.


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