Ending 2021 with Gratitude and Hope

December 29, 2021

Dear Friend,

I’m so lucky! Over the last few years, I have been blessed to experience life like I never knew I could. In addition to the remarkable women we serve, I’ve met some of the most caring people I could ever imagine who seek ways to serve. Ways that they alone are able to do.

Some walk alongside us physically. They go out on the uncertain streets with us to meet the women who have been invisible until now. They come into the crowded drop-in center and serve the women who have never been served before. They ask the women we serve what they want and what they need. They retrieve the things we have and give them to the women to keep them safe, warm, and full of healthy food. Some provide the items we use as we care for the women; bringing items for the care bags, or dropping off fully-assembled bags. They clean the drop-in center so the women will be welcomed into a safe, comfortable space. They prepare meals. They serve on the Board of Directors. If able, they give a financial gift.

For each of you, we are grateful. Thank you for being part of Lisieux Community.

Collectively we are responsible for the opening of our first drop-in center in February 2021: a place for the women to come to receive care. It helps us provide a place for women to take a shower when it sometimes has been months since they have experienced that luxury. It helps us provide a place for women to receive clothes that fit and are appropriate for the season. We celebrate this milestone.

Additionally, we celebrate the hire of caring program staff who walk alongside the women, offering affirmation, grace, and unconditional love.

We celebrate that we served approximately 585 meals in community and passed out 1,300 care bags since we opened. We have supported four women as they secured housing. We have provided assistance with utility and rental costs and food to 11 women who are housing insecure. Two of the women from our program are now in two-year development programs after detox and rehab programs; one was reunited with her family after rehab. 

We close 2021 with gratitude and welcome this new year with hope.

May you and all those you love be blessed.

Sandra Ferrell
Executive Director
Lisieux Community

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