Generosity Abounds

We normally don’t like to brag, but it’s our contention that we have the best donors in the world and we don’t mind saying so. We no sooner post a need on Facebook than our donors have begun to provide for it. A few days ago we thought there was a mistake with our Amazon Wish List because the page didn’t display any items. Upon further examination, we realized it was no mistake; everything we requested up to that point had been purchased and was on its way to us!

And then there were these three gifts of love:

First, we received backpacks, sleeping bags, and gloves from Remembering Kevin’s Light. We appreciate Terri Schneider Fick for bringing them to us to distribute to our women and for all that she does to raise awareness of substance use disorder.

Second, St. John’s Episcopal Church delivered 100 care bags for us to take to the women we serve. This is another relationship we are blessed to have and will maintain.

Third, we are blown away by the thought and love that one family poured into these gifts. Thank you, Debra and Joe, for surrounding our Christmas tree with love.

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