Safe at Home

December 14, 2021

Dear Friend,

We saw her only a few times before she asked for help. She lived in a boarding house that another of the women had lived in. She wanted a safe place to live. 

It was on her third or fourth visit with us that she received a red coat someone had just donated. She turned sideways, looked toward us, and asked us to take a picture. She was so proud of that coat.

She said she had used some of her clothes to push into holes in the floor and walls so bugs and mice would quit coming in. She had no furniture and was sleeping on the floor, so we gave her a mattress along with warm clothes and food. 

After searching several places, we found a Section 8 high rise that had a one-bedroom apartment available. I gave her the information because she didn’t want me to know everything about her business. I took her to put in an application.

She had a disability check. She called them at the beginning of the next week and was told she needed to bring proof of her check amount and other personal information. She took the information in, but she had nowhere to stay; she had told the owner of the boarding house that she was leaving, as she thought the apartment would be ready that week. We arranged for a shelter, but she was afraid because of COVID. 

The next two weeks came and went and she still couldn’t move in. She had to be approved by HUD. She had to have the first month’s rent plus half month’s rent as a deposit. She only had money for one month’s rent. She had tried so hard. She couldn’t understand the process and the information she received from the apartment building; she called us crying so hard that we couldn’t understand her. She thought she had been betrayed. She said, “They lied to me!” 

Because of generous donations, we subsidized the amount she needed. We put out a request to our donors for furniture. She was so excited she cried again – this time for joy. 

She had a lovely furnished apartment. She had a safe place to live.

She kept in touch sporadically. Just a few weeks ago, we had a new guest at the drop-in center who brought a message that our friend was safe and happy and wanted to thank us again. She had reassured this new guest that our drop-in center is a safe place for her to receive help also.

They are women of Lisieux.

We ask that you pray for the organization and the women we serve. During this holiday season, we ask that you consider a year-end gift to Lisieux Community, so that we may continue to provide a community of hope when there is nowhere else to turn. 

Join our circle. Join our women. Join our work. 

Blessings to you and all those you love,

Sandra Ferrell
Executive Director
Community of St. Therese of Lisieux (Lisieux Community)

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