Our Story – Part 3

By Sandra Ferrell, Executive Director

Where do we need to look to find something greater for our lives? In our own hearts. It’s hard to find peace and hope and contentment when our hearts are broken. And with a broken heart we can not dream. Or if there are dreams stored in there, we can no longer see them. My friend says “you don’t know til you know.” We need someone to care and walk alongside us in order to remember.

That’s where the Lisieux Community of staff, volunteers and board come in. We are content to do the work to walk alongside our women. Do I want them things to be better now? Of course! But things don’t happen on my timetable. We are willing to be there as long as we are able and the women want to continue. We never coerce anyone to come into our circle. Often our women bring other women into our circle.

We provide food, water, personal care items, clothing, shoes, and blankets, etc, to keep them warm in the winter. We do whatever else we can to help them begin to wake up and believe there is something better. When they ask for help moving forward we connect them with services so they can begin to resolve mental and physical health problems as well as learn job skills. When they are ready to leave the streets we help them find housing.

Notice I didn’t say that we do those things for them. We help them, we connect them to resources and we walk alongside. They do the work because only when they own their future will they succeed.

One day at a time…………

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