Welcome to the Lisieux Community

Thank you for joining us here at the Lisieux Community.  Our first residents moved into our first house (pictured here!) in August 2014.  I want to extend an invitation for you to walk along with us.

What our Board of Directors has found is that we are not here to change anyone other than ourselves.  As we have built the organization, we have learned about heartbreaking things as well as seeing strength and resilience that we’ve never seen before.  In other words, we are not the same people who started a year and four months ago.  As we change, so do our interactions with others.

We are providing a house where four women will be safe as they learn to live life in a new way.  Most women do not choose to participate in prostitution and, because of the limits of that lifestyle, they haven’t learned to care for themselves in a healthy way.  We will share a little bit about the people and organizations who are working together to provide opportunities for the women to grow.  We will also share some of the tools we are using.

Get ready to rejoice with us as milestones are reached and maybe cry with us when life is difficult.  Above all, we ask for your prayers as we move forward.

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